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Motorcycle Repair Shop in Fairfield, CA

Your motorcycle is an expensive investment, and having a reliable and honest motorcycle repair shop available to look into problems is important for vehicle maintenance. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken down motorcycle. To prevent this from happening, visit Young’s Cycle Performance today and let us provide you with peace of mind.

Located in Fairfield, CA, our premier motorcycle parts store is a fully-equipped resource for any quality motorcycle repairs service you need. We offer anything from engine repair, to efficient collision repair, to inspections, accessories and affordable motorcycle tires. Motorcycles require a lot of upkeep, bring yours in for service, and make sure it’s getting the care it needs. For the clients who want the best service, we make it a habit to provide workmanship and motorcycle parts you can count on.

For newcomers to motorcycling, we offer a variety of motorcycles for sale. Our dirt bike, jet ski, and motorcycle sales are trustworthy and reliable, as are our ATV rentals. Our highly trained mechanic carries the expertise and knowledge to ensure your motorcycle and its systems are working great. We provide quality repairs at great prices—delivering outstanding service is our number one goal.

Call Young’s Cycle Performance in Fairfield, CA today to set up an appointment today for our motorcycle repairs.

Rondell Young, affectionately known as “Cheese” wanted a new hobby and decided it was time to give motorcycles a try. He saw a high demand for rebuilding bikes, service and repairs. The decision was made in November 2010 to make motorcycles a full time job. Imagine the fun! Rondell left his prior work as a Service Manager, and much to the dismay of his friends and family, Young’s Cycle Performance Harley and Imports was born. The next year would be spent bootstrapping Young’s Cycle Performance to a point where it could afford employees. Agreements were negotiated with various insurance companies to perform repairs, service, towingand selling of parts. The first two years at Young’s Cycle Performance passed and he had realized the steady growth, additional employees, and how much fun it was to work on bikes. Young’s Cycle Performance continues to service all types of bikes. Our service includes pre-purchase inspections, rollback service to the shop for arger jobs, carb cleaning, tune ups, oil changes, valve adjustment, brake service, accessory installation, custom metal or composite body work, engine rebuilds, suspension tuning, complete restorations or conversions. See our service page for more services that we offer. We are not the cheapest, but we strive to be the fastest and the most flexible so that you don’t have to put your responsibilities on hold to handle a problem with your motorcycle. In 2013, we offered Situational Awareness Sessions with our friend and Air Force Motorcycle Trainer, Ross Seaborn. It was a great kick off to the season, making all of our customers more aware of Spring road conditions and how to ensure they keep their rubber on the road. Young’s Cycle Performance is also happy to provide riding instructions to our customers. We have since lost Ross, but his legacy lives on though Young’s Cycle Performance. Young’s Cycle Performance used to be the lone retail business on our block of Walters Court. Upon Cheese marrying his wife, Kimberly Young, and returning from their honeymoon he was faced with a reality. Walters Court was full to the brim with used parts, motorcycles and employees. The decision was made to move to a new building. So, this year, September 2014 we changed our site and we moved to 1451 West Texas Street in Fairfield. There are several new neighbors running new and exciting businesses. All these changes are very exciting and we are proud to be a pioneer in our now thriving neighborhood. Every year a little note pops up in the Young’s Cycle Performance calendar that reminds us all to reflect on the past year and write down our memories, reflections and accomplishments. We want to thank all of our customers for their continued support. Be safe and keep your bike YOUNG!