Motorcycle Repair & Maintenance

The critical FIRST SERVICE is recommended at 600 miles on most models. The first service is so important because the break-in period is considered the final step in the manufacturing process. During break-in, the peaks and valleys created during manufacture are machined smooth as the various parts mate to each other and seat into working relationships for the long haul. It is of the utmost importance to have the various major systems inspected by a trained technician to ensure proper operation and that no problem areas have developed during this important final step of the manufacturing process.

The Intermediate Services are recommended every 4,000 miles. The intermediate services are the best way to properly maintain your new motorcycle between the critical first service and the major full services. It has always held true that it is less expensive to maintain your motorcycle than it it to repair it. The most important aspect of the Intermediate Service is the oil change. Oil is the lifeblood of your motorcycles engine and transmission/clutch system. In addition, intermediate services allow a trained technician to inspect the major systems of your motorcycle to ensure no abnormal conditions are developing and take appropriate action before small problems can develop into major ones..

The Major Services are recommended every 24 months or 8,000 miles whichever comes first. The Major Service intervals are very important because at this pint normal wear components may be reaching the limits of their useful life and require replacement. These items include, but are not limited to, friction brake pads/shoes, tires, air filters, batteries, brake fluids, final drive oils, and engine coolants. As with your First and Intermediate services, the engine oil and filter is changed. In addition, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your motorcycle to ensure proper and safe operation is maintained. During this service, special tools and equipment may be utilized to bring your motorcycle back into factory specifications and ensure many more useful miles of operation.

• Air Filter Cleaning/Replacement
• Brake Pads and Fluid
• Carburetion/Fuel Injection
• Chain & Sprocket Service
• Clutch Replacement
• Valve Adjustment

• Electrical Diagnosis/Repair
• Engine Rebuild
• Exhaust System Installation
• Factory Interval Service
• Fork Rebuild/Suspension Work

• DMV Brake and Light Inspection
• Fuel Tank Cleaning
• Insurance Estimates
• Insurance Repairs
• Oil and Filter Change

• Performance Tuning
• Pre/Post Purchase Inspections
• Shaft Drive Service
• Tire Change/Balance
• Track Prep